Laundry Operations

Think housekeeping is just about making beds? Think again! Here are the laundry operations with a flow chart explaining the fundamentals and giving an overview of the organizational tasks.

7 Lessons
20 min


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Curriculum for this course

Collecting Soiled Linen
2 min
Transport Soiled Linen to Laundry department.
1 min
Sorting of Linen and Uniforms
10 min
Washing and Dry cleaning.
2 min
2 min
Folding of Linen and Uniforms
3 min
0 seconds


Think housekeeping is just about making beds? Think again! From dusting the lobby to fluffing up pillows, life in the housekeeping department is full of rewards and challenges. As a member of the housekeeping team, you are one of the many moving parts helping to deliver exceptional guest experiences from even before a guest arrives.

  • The different roles in the housekeeping department
  • Laundry collection
  • Transportation

What you will learn

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