Service Etiquette - During service

Knowing the proper etiquette will provide you with great skills. And you will also know how and when to apply it. When it comes to service, there will always be variations, and situations you did not plan for will occur.

10 Lessons
27 min


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Curriculum for this course

3 min
After the order how to prepare
26 seconds
How to carry plates (Part 1)
1 min
How to carry plates (Part 2)
2 min
Service and Service Etiquette (part1)
3 min
Service and service etiquette (part 2)
5 min
Types of table service
2 min
Know what guests are telling you
1 min
Sequences of service and serving the table according to LQA
3 min
Clearing the table
2 min


Fine dining service rules are based on longstanding traditions, but each restaurant may have its own interpretation of service. The serving style used in formal dining represents the highest level of hospitality. It elevates the guest experience and makes fine dining a memorable event. A great fine dining server will be detail-oriented, observant, and intuitive. Anticipating guests' needs while remaining unobtrusive is the key to providing the best service possible. 

What you will learn

Types of service
Sales & demand

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